Our Roots


Our history is rooted in over 30 years’ knowledge and experience of research and development, manufacture and innovation, of scientifically-formulated and highly effective plant-based health treatments.

Our SmartBird® range of Ayurvedic products combines centuries-old tradition with 21st Century knowledge, with each product benefiting from the work of the best scientific minds in Europe and India, the latest research, and ingredients that are steeped in world-class science.


In parallel with our mission to produce world-class products, as a commercial enterprise we’re dedicated to providing the highest standards of customer service that totally reflect this best in class ethos 

The company’s customer focus also includes a mission to develop awareness of the importance of health and healthy living and to promote the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. That responsibility and commitment towards improving the health and wellness of society extends to working to empower all people through education, whilst producing affordable health remedies, so providing both the knowledge and the means to better health and wellness.

Our ethical approach and progressive outlook – and its further evolution – is carried forward today by our highly experienced and dedicated team.

So we’re totally confident that all our SmartBird® products will more than meet your expectations.


The SmartBird® brand and product formulations have been created and developed in India and the United Kingdom by Glector Ltd. The SmartBird® name and bird logo, and the Glector® globe, as well as the individual formulations, are all registered and owned by companies within the Glector group of companies.