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  • Improve your Mental Wellbeing with SmartBird

    Modern understanding of mental wellbeing and physical health can be said to be influenced by traditional Ayurveda ideologies. Ayurveda principles suggest that to live a healthy lifestyle we have to strive for keeping the body and mind in a constant state of balance. For some people, ensuring their mental wellbeing can be more difficult than ensuring their physical health.

    SmartBird proudly displays the slogan ‘Created by Nature, Proven by Science™’ on our packaging to certify to our customers that our Ayurvedic product range was created with the help of the best European and Indian scientific minds alongside 5,000 years of Ayurvedic tradition. SmartBird provides unique remedies from herb and plant ingredients that are guaranteed free from pesticides and chemicals. We can assure our customers of the quality of what we produce so they can be confident that they are only putting natural substances into their bodies.

    Our Aura softgels are designed to help brain function and revitalise brain and nerve cells, increase mind and memory power, and encourage mental growth. One of Aura’s main ingredients, Badam, possesses healthy nutrients that have been shown to improve thinking, learning and memory. Aura also contains Brahmi, which is considered to have neuroprotective functions and increase the regulation of neurotransmitters in the brain. Modern studies have shown that Brahmi can be effective when used to treat mental disorders and memory loss.

    Whilst our SmartBird Amey tablets are fundamentally an anti-oxidant, they can also treat stress and anxiety. The primary ingredient is Rama Tulsi, mentioned in the most ancient of Ayurvedic writings, and said to aid our resilience to stress.

    SmartBird provides products that our customers can trust. We emphasise the importance of balancing mind and body so that you can live in health and unlock your full potential. We aim to help you combat the stress of modern lifestyles whilst strengthening your sense of wellbeing. Discover more of our products today.

  • Explore SmartBird Teevram

    Empowering movement

    Drawing together tried-and-tested ingredients steeped in Ayurvedic tradition, SmartBird Teevram provides effective relief from joint aches, stiffness and muscle pain to help you work towards a more active lifestyle.


    The SmartBird brand is known for combining key Ayurvedic ingredients to provide rapid relief from a specific set of common ailments, and Teevram is no exception. The result of years of research and development, this unique treatment combines fifteen all-natural compounds, from herbs and roots to seeds and resin, making it one of the most robustly effective and versatile remedies on the market.

    SmartBird Teevram comprises a range of key ingredients, including the following:

    • Haldi (Curcuma longa) - Commonly referred to as turmeric in Western markets, haldi is often used as a flavouring agent in a range of cuisines. According to Ayurvedic tradition, however, the spice contains powerful anti-inflammatory agents best used to treat ailments such as arthritis.
    • Methi (Trigonella foenum-graecum) - Traditionally used in the preparation of meals, recent studies actually confirm that methi leaves contain key anti-inflammatory properties, as well as being effective in helping to control cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
    • Shunti (Zinziber officinale) - The Ayurvedic term for ginger, Shunti has been proven to provide relief from inflammation at a cellular level, with research trials showing a marked decrease in symptoms such as pain, swelling and stiffness.

    Get proactive about life

    Ayurvedic wisdom teaches us that exercise is an integral component to achieving a balanced lifestyle, with medical research also suggesting it drastically reduces the risk of a wide range of conditions and ailments. Unlock your best self with fast-acting relief from SmartBird Teevram, a 100% pure Ayurvedic remedy; order online today.

  • Yoga Day: 21st June 2016 | Combining Ayurveda & Yoga: A Deeper, Richer Experience

    Yoga and Ayurveda are two ‘sister’ practices that originated in India thousands of years ago. Both encompass an understanding of how the body works and the effect that food and medicines have on the body.

    Ayurveda has been described as the science, whilst yoga the practice of that science, and both originate as part of a greater system of Vedic knowledge.

    The two have a common understanding of health of the body being dependent on the health and balance of the mind. Explored together, these complementary practices can offer transformative tools that foster greater health and vitality.

    Ayurveda is a personalised, intuitive health philosophy. According to Ayurvedic principles, each of us has a unique constitution governed by our physical and emotional makeup as well as our lifestyle – from the foods we eat to the time we go to sleep. Such constitutions are called doshas and are linked to the elements – Vata (air and ether), Pitta (fire and water) and Kapha (earth and water).

    Knowing your doshas and how to balance them can help customise yoga practice for optimum results.

    Vata equates with mental quickness, enjoyment of movement, and creativity. Signs of imbalance are insomnia, anxiety, and dryness. For Vata imbalance, slow, steady, grounding postures are recommended, as well as deep, calm breathing to cultivate stillness, nurture and self-care.

    The qualities of the pitta are passion, enthusiasm, and courage. However, anger, competitiveness, and inflammation are signs of imbalance. Yoga practice recommends cooling, relaxing postures to release heat and tension and encourage compassion, patience and the ability to slow down.

    Those with a Kapha constitution tend to be consistent, devoted, stable and strong. Signs of Kapha imbalance can include procrastination, dullness and congestion, so stimulating movement and vigorous breathing exercises can help foster enthusiasm, heat and improve focus.

    Smartbird® Ayurvedic Products: Created by Nature. Proven by Science

    The SmartBird® Ayurvedic product range builds on some 5,000 years of history and tradition, but with formulations developed using the most recent scientific knowledge by some of the best scientific brains in Europe and India.

    We call it 21st Century Ayurveda® and it means you can be certain of the wholesomeness, efficacy and safety of each and every product whilst they work to help you combat the stress of a modern lifestyle and strengthen your whole body and sense of wellbeing.

    Just as knowing your doshas can help customise yoga practice, so knowing the SmartBird® range can also help you live life to the full. From natural anti-oxidants and general body-strengthening therapies to specific treatments targeting the skin, joints and heart function, the SmartBird® Ayurvedic range of laboratory-tested, herbal personal care products will nourish, replenish and protect your body and mind.

    In terms of doshas, Vata is the principle force of motion in the body and mind and is considered the leader of the three Ayurvedic Principles in the body.

    SmartBird® Vata-focused products include Argh (Healthy Heart), Amogh (Digestion), Makhmal (Healthy Skin), Praveg (Blood Regulator) and Teevram (Joint Pain).

    SmartBird® Kapha-focused products include Amey (Anti-Ageing) and Intenso (Energy).

    SmartBird® Pitta-focused products include Aura (Sharp Brain), Reliver (Liver Guardian) and Intenso (Energy).

    You can find out more on SmartBird® here.

  • A Helping Hand for Modern Health | Ayurveda | SmartBird

    Products for Your Lifestyle

    As we’ve explained before, Ayurvedic principals suggest that, in order to maintain a good standard of health, one must achieve a sense of balance between the mind and the body. At SmartBird® we produce a range of thoroughly-tested, 100% natural products to help you achieve this balance and realise your full potential on a day-to-day basis. We thought we’d take this opportunity to invite you to learn more about some of our products, explore their ingredients further, and discover the benefits they hold for a healthier, happier you.

    SmartBird® Intenso: Energy

    Day-to-day stresses in the workplace, at home, or even on the commute, mean it’s more than likely we could do with a boost. More often than not, this means we’ll turn to products like coffee or sugary snacks to help get us through the day, even though these substances might well have negative side-effects in the long run. Combining powerful Indian ginseng and Salabmisri (referred to as ‘the early purple orchid’ in Ayurvedic tradition) SmartBird® Intenso™ provides the same alkaloids present in other stimulants to deliver a natural, balanced boost to energy levels.

    SmartBird® Aura: Cognitive Power

    Mental fogginess, poor judgement and reduced memory function are all common symptoms of a particularly stressed or overworked brain, ones that can usually be avoided with some thorough relaxation and lifestyle changes. SmartBird® Aura™ is the perfect way to once again achieve a sense of mental clarity, as is delivers key nutrients that work to revitalise brain and nerve cells to help make you sharper, improve memory function and generally be your best, most productive self.

    SmartBird® Amogh: Digestion

    Your digestive system should function as part of a healthy rhythm: you consume nutrients, transform them into energy and expel waste. However, any number of minor imbalances or ailments can upset this pattern, quickly throwing you off track and preventing you from being your normal, productive self. Bringing together helpful enzymes and gentle laxatives, SmartBird® Amogh™ soothingly cleanses the system, helping to restore your natural rhythm in the process.

    SmartBird®: Improving Lifestyles

    Unlock the best version of yourself by browsing our full range of Ayurvedic medicines online today, and remember to keep checking back to our blog for further information on the SmartBird® brand, as well as free advice on healthy living and more. Remember to consult with an accredited healthcare professional if symptoms persist.

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