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  • SmartBird: Building on 5,000 Years of Tradition

    Building on the knowledge of millennia of tradition

    Stemming from both ancient oral and written tradition, the belief system known as Ayurveda was first recorded in Sanskrit over 5,000 years ago, in the heart of India. Often translated as “the Science of Life”, the central message at the heart of Ayurvedic wisdom is just as relevant today as it was back then. Ayurveda prescribes an entirely holistic approach to wellness, teaching those who follow its principles to strive for balance between their mind, body and spirit. Only when this balance is achieved, Ayurveda teaches us, will we feel wholesome, happy and productive. Over time, the underlying tenets of Ayurveda (a balanced diet, the reduction of stress and an active lifestyle) have come to dovetail with the teachings of modern medicine.

    Uniting cultural wisdom and leading scientists from both Europe and India, SmartBird is uniquely placed to deliver effective products that are totally appropriate to meet modern market needs; so much so that we call it “21st Century Ayurveda”.

    Making Ayurveda relevant

    As a brand, SmartBird seeks to respect and harness the power of Ayurvedic cultural wisdom, revolutionising it for the modern busy lifestyle and using it to create truly unique 21st Century products. With growing financial pressures, longer working hours and increasingly irregular routines, the need for effective, tailored remedies and products has never been more striking. Developed in conjunction with Europe’s leading scientific thinkers, and utilising modern research and development techniques, our comprehensive product range incorporates a variety of 100% pure

    Ayurvedic remedies designed to specifically target various areas of our health. Our outstanding, all-natural products contain a range of key Ayurvedic ingredients which, amongst other things, are designed boost energy levels, restore normal digestive rhythms and relieve joint pain (there are currently 8 products in the SmartBird range).

    We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure consumer confidence in our brand, working with scientific brains from Europe to develop every product we manufacture – something that sets SmartBird aside in the Ayurvedic marketplace. With SmartBird, you know you’re getting 100% pure Ayurvedic remedies, so you can really trust in our brand to achieve better standard of health for all the family; browse our products online today.

  • SmartBird: A 21st Century Brand to Believe In

    The best of modern science and cherished tradition

    SmartBird’s development team have worked tirelessly to become experts in the cultural practices and teachings of Ayurveda, enabling us to deliver effective products grounded in ancient wisdom and tradition. At our heart, however, we’re also scientific thinkers, researchers and developers, born with a passion to prove the efficacy and usefulness of our products in every consumer’s day-to-day lifestyle. It’s this unique combination of science and tradition that sets SmartBird, and our extensive range of Ayurvedic products, aside in a crowded market.

     The result of heritage

    SmartBird is a unique project set up by its parent company, Glector, a brand building a reputation for bringing cutting-edge health and wellness products to the market. Glector’s focus on delivering all-natural products to help improve standards of health and well-being inspires everything we do, from carefully selecting key Ayurvedic ingredients, to going to great lengths to educate and inform our consumers. As a result of our parentage, the SmartBird team can boast over 30 years’ experience in the research, development and innovation of plant-based health remedies.

    Our focus on continuing innovation and product development is what demarcates SmartBird and its standout range of products from others in the Ayurveda sector. The SmartBird logo is a hallmark consumers can believe in to provide superbly effective, 100% natural remedies, backed up by years of experience in research and development. By choosing the SmartBird brand, the modern consumer can rest assured they’re buying into a 21st Century product that combines key Ayurvedic ingredients and forward-thinking concepts to deliver relief for a variety of common ailments.

    At SmartBird, the ongoing education and personal well-being of every one of our customers rests at the heart of what we do, so browse through our range of products to improve your sense of wellbeing today.

  • The Unique SmartBird Process

    From the Ground to the Counter

    Here at SmartBird, everything we sell has been designed and created with a profound respect for Mother Nature and the tools and ingredients she provides us with. We carefully select all natural ingredients based on millennia of cultural learning and Ayurvedic principles before then working closely with the leading scientific thinkers in both Europe and India to deliver a suitable lifestyle product for the 21st Century. Explore the unique SmartBird production process further with our useful blog.

    A Solid Grounding

    SmartBird’s Ayurvedic medicines are comprised of locally sourced herbs and plants that have been traditionally thought to cure ailments such as poor digestion, skin irritation or prolonged fatigue, and even help to boost things like brain function and productivity. We now know, of course, that these herbs and remedies contain vital nutrients, anti-oxidants and more that we require for a healthy, happy life. Our team rigorously check all the ingredients that go into our outstanding products in our Indian production facility before being packaged and prepared for sale.

    Forward Thinking

    That’s not all that goes into our fantastic lifestyle products, however; SmartBird is the result of a collaboration between leading scientific brains in both India and Europe, allowing us to bridge the gap between ancient cultural knowledge and cutting-edge development. Each one of our popular products combines key ingredients like ginseng and badam in exacting quantities to provide the most effective relief and assistance. It’s important to remember, however, that we never treat any of our products with any harsh or artificial chemical agents; they’re simply harvested, packaged and then send on to our consumers.

    If the stresses of modern life are weighing down on you, or you could just do with a small boost to help increase your productivity levels, browse through SmartBird’s revolutionary range of Ayurvedic medicines online today.

  • Created By Nature, Proven By Science™ - Part 2 | SmartBird

    Results Driven

    We understand that consumers may, quite possibly, be somewhat sceptical of new treatments on the market, which is why we aim to educate and inspire newcomers about the benefits of the SmartBird® range of Ayurvedic medicines. How are we going to do this? With science, of course! We’ve been promoting our corporate motto: “Created by Nature. Proven by Science™”, using our blog, and have already looked at our dedication to Nature. This week, we’ll be exploring how SmartBird® is changing the face of modern Ayurvedic medicine through scientific research and development.

    A Meeting Of Minds

    A unique concept that lies at the core of our brand, “21st Century Ayurveda®” is the practice of merging respected cultural knowledge with advanced western R&D techniques. It’s a commitment not only to our products, but also to our consumers, as it ensures we’re only producing proven, effective Ayurvedic remedies. To ensure the power and efficacy of our products, we’ve worked with leading scientific minds from Western Europe and India to help refine and develop our products. Taking the conventional ingredients at the heart of Ayurvedic tradition, our technical specialists work to draft powerful combinations and remedies, providing fast and effective relief.

    Changing Perceptions

    By doing so, we don’t just want to inspire consumer confidence in our brand, but also seek to educate users about the benefits of a wholesome lifestyle and a balanced sense of wellbeing – one that can be achieved through our SmartBird® Ayurvedic range.

    Whether your need effective relief for an immediate issue, or are just looking for a boost in your daily life, we’re sure you’ll find a product to suit your lifestyle at our online store today.


  • Created By Nature, Proven By Science - Part 1 | SmartBird

    Ecological By Nature

    As a growing organisation, SmartBird® is dedicated not only to investing in progress and development, but also to ensuring that this innovation never comes at too high a cost to the environment. “Created by Nature. Proven by Science™” is more than just a trademark – it’s a symbol of our commitment to responsible, sustainable progress. In fact, it’s so important that we’re going to be dedicating two short articles to it, starting – of course – where it all began: with Mother Nature herself.

    Striking A Balance

    Much like the Ayurvedic principals on which we’ve built our outstanding products, our company strives to maintain a delicate balance at all times – the balance between Man and Nature. A deep-rooted respect for Nature underlies everything we do, and as such we take all measures possible not just to protect our environment, but also help preserve the wider global ecology.

    This involves ensuring that all our practices and processes are designed to respect Nature, conserve energy, minimise wastage, and help create and maintain a healthy and safe environment for everyone. We also continue to work with our customers and vendors to achieve a better balance with Nature.

    That respect for Mother Nature has its origins in the powerful ingredients she has provided us with. Which is why we aim to preserve the original natural goodness of every plant and herb we use in our products. The leading scientific minds that develop our products work to combine powerful Ayurvedic ingredients for their precise effect, free of toxins or chemicals, preserving their natural purity and giving you, the consumer, faith in their efficacy.

    Discover More

    If you’re interested in utilising Ayurvedic treatments to help achieve a more rounded sense of wellbeing, browse through our full range of products online today. Keep following our blog for Created by Science. Proven by Nature™: Part 2 in which we’ll explore the scientific tenets that set our brand aside.


  • Discover SmartBird | Ayurvedics Blog | SmartBird

    A Fresh Approach To Ayurvedic Treatment

    Based in New Delhi, SmartBird is the new name in Ayurvedic treatments, bringing together science and tradition in what we’re calling “21st Century Ayurveda®” – but what exactly does this term mean? At the heart of everything we do, from the ingredients we use, to the way we treat and package them, is a profound appreciation for Nature and the environment. We utilise the raw tools provided by Mother Nature for a rounded, balanced sense of wellbeing, combining millennia of cultural learning with the latest in Western research and development methods, delivering a product that will suit and improve your modern lifestyle.

    Products for a Better Lifestyle

    At SmartBird®, we advocate a holistic approach to wellbeing, one that unites mind, body and spirit. Our products are all 100% Ayurvedic and chemical free to help you regain your bodily balance, and be the best of yourself. Whether you need relief from common ailments, like irregular bowel movements, or joint inflammation, or just need an effective boost to help fight the stresses of everyday life, SmartBird® products combine ancient, powerful Ayurvedic ingredients to provide just what you and your hectic day-to-day lifestyle require. Through careful scientific development, we’re committed to changing how people view Ayurvedic medicine, creating effective, 21st Century remedies.

    Be Your Best Self With SmartBird®

    From SmartBird® Amey™, to SmartBird® Teevram™, every one of our Ayurvedic treatments is designed with you and your way of life in mind, to help achieve a balanced lifestyle, allowing you to focus on the things that matter: work, family and friends. Browse through our popular range of products today, and keep following our blog for more helpful advice.

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