Improve your Mental Wellbeing with SmartBird

Modern understanding of mental wellbeing and physical health can be said to be influenced by traditional Ayurveda ideologies. Ayurveda principles suggest that to live a healthy lifestyle we have to strive for keeping the body and mind in a constant state of balance. For some people, ensuring their mental wellbeing can be more difficult than ensuring their physical health.

SmartBird proudly displays the slogan ‘Created by Nature, Proven by Science™’ on our packaging to certify to our customers that our Ayurvedic product range was created with the help of the best European and Indian scientific minds alongside 5,000 years of Ayurvedic tradition. SmartBird provides unique remedies from herb and plant ingredients that are guaranteed free from pesticides and chemicals. We can assure our customers of the quality of what we produce so they can be confident that they are only putting natural substances into their bodies.

Our Aura softgels are designed to help brain function and revitalise brain and nerve cells, increase mind and memory power, and encourage mental growth. One of Aura’s main ingredients, Badam, possesses healthy nutrients that have been shown to improve thinking, learning and memory. Aura also contains Brahmi, which is considered to have neuroprotective functions and increase the regulation of neurotransmitters in the brain. Modern studies have shown that Brahmi can be effective when used to treat mental disorders and memory loss.

Whilst our SmartBird Amey tablets are fundamentally an anti-oxidant, they can also treat stress and anxiety. The primary ingredient is Rama Tulsi, mentioned in the most ancient of Ayurvedic writings, and said to aid our resilience to stress.

SmartBird provides products that our customers can trust. We emphasise the importance of balancing mind and body so that you can live in health and unlock your full potential. We aim to help you combat the stress of modern lifestyles whilst strengthening your sense of wellbeing. Discover more of our products today.