SmartBird: Building on 5,000 Years of Tradition

Building on the knowledge of millennia of tradition

Stemming from both ancient oral and written tradition, the belief system known as Ayurveda was first recorded in Sanskrit over 5,000 years ago, in the heart of India. Often translated as “the Science of Life”, the central message at the heart of Ayurvedic wisdom is just as relevant today as it was back then. Ayurveda prescribes an entirely holistic approach to wellness, teaching those who follow its principles to strive for balance between their mind, body and spirit. Only when this balance is achieved, Ayurveda teaches us, will we feel wholesome, happy and productive. Over time, the underlying tenets of Ayurveda (a balanced diet, the reduction of stress and an active lifestyle) have come to dovetail with the teachings of modern medicine.

Uniting cultural wisdom and leading scientists from both Europe and India, SmartBird is uniquely placed to deliver effective products that are totally appropriate to meet modern market needs; so much so that we call it “21st Century Ayurveda”.

Making Ayurveda relevant

As a brand, SmartBird seeks to respect and harness the power of Ayurvedic cultural wisdom, revolutionising it for the modern busy lifestyle and using it to create truly unique 21st Century products. With growing financial pressures, longer working hours and increasingly irregular routines, the need for effective, tailored remedies and products has never been more striking. Developed in conjunction with Europe’s leading scientific thinkers, and utilising modern research and development techniques, our comprehensive product range incorporates a variety of 100% pure

Ayurvedic remedies designed to specifically target various areas of our health. Our outstanding, all-natural products contain a range of key Ayurvedic ingredients which, amongst other things, are designed boost energy levels, restore normal digestive rhythms and relieve joint pain (there are currently 8 products in the SmartBird range).

We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure consumer confidence in our brand, working with scientific brains from Europe to develop every product we manufacture – something that sets SmartBird aside in the Ayurvedic marketplace. With SmartBird, you know you’re getting 100% pure Ayurvedic remedies, so you can really trust in our brand to achieve better standard of health for all the family; browse our products online today.