SmartBird: A 21st Century Brand to Believe In

The best of modern science and cherished tradition

SmartBird’s development team have worked tirelessly to become experts in the cultural practices and teachings of Ayurveda, enabling us to deliver effective products grounded in ancient wisdom and tradition. At our heart, however, we’re also scientific thinkers, researchers and developers, born with a passion to prove the efficacy and usefulness of our products in every consumer’s day-to-day lifestyle. It’s this unique combination of science and tradition that sets SmartBird, and our extensive range of Ayurvedic products, aside in a crowded market.

 The result of heritage

SmartBird is a unique project set up by its parent company, Glector, a brand building a reputation for bringing cutting-edge health and wellness products to the market. Glector’s focus on delivering all-natural products to help improve standards of health and well-being inspires everything we do, from carefully selecting key Ayurvedic ingredients, to going to great lengths to educate and inform our consumers. As a result of our parentage, the SmartBird team can boast over 30 years’ experience in the research, development and innovation of plant-based health remedies.

Our focus on continuing innovation and product development is what demarcates SmartBird and its standout range of products from others in the Ayurveda sector. The SmartBird logo is a hallmark consumers can believe in to provide superbly effective, 100% natural remedies, backed up by years of experience in research and development. By choosing the SmartBird brand, the modern consumer can rest assured they’re buying into a 21st Century product that combines key Ayurvedic ingredients and forward-thinking concepts to deliver relief for a variety of common ailments.

At SmartBird, the ongoing education and personal well-being of every one of our customers rests at the heart of what we do, so browse through our range of products to improve your sense of wellbeing today.