Unhealthy Habits to Avoid During your Working Day

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The guiding principles of Ayurvedic tradition teach us that, in order to achieve a wholesome and healthy lifestyle, one must strive for balance in everything we do. Unfortunately, the pressures of today’s hectic lifestyle - the desire to stand out, the need for professional development and the constant ambition to achieve one’s goals - can often stand in the way, leading us to fall into unhealthy habits over time. Our Ayurvedic experts have collected the following list of unhealthy lifestyle habits to avoid; browse through them all today and get a small helping hand with our effective products online.

  1. A Sedentary Lifestyle

For many of us, catching the train to work, sitting at a desk for hours and relaxing when we get home make up a large part of our daily routines. Over time this leads to an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, with prolonged periods of sitting down and engaging in little physical activity becoming the norm. On the contrary, both Ayurvedic principles and a range of leading scientific studies teach us that exercising for as little as 20 minutes a day can help boost our mindset, increase productivity and prevent a number of common ailments.

  1. An Unvaried Diet

Despite years of accredited research to attest to the correlation between a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle, worldwide figures for obesity and related ailments continue to paint a worrying picture. Ayurvedic principle prescribes that we are made up of a combination of three doshas - vata, pitta and kapha - and thus should consume a varied diet that reflects our own individual makeup. Unfortunately, longer working hours and increased pressures in the office often lead to us neglecting our diet; instead of freshly-prepared meals made up of organic ingredients rich in nutrients, we tend to eat for convenience. This often involves opting for foods with higher levels of saturates, sugars and preservatives, all of which are okay in moderation, but potentially very dangerous in excess. The growing trend towards ‘working lunches’ - quick and unsubstantial meals eaten at our desks - also disrupts the body’s natural rhythm and slows down the metabolic process.

  1. A Poor Routine

Ayurvedic learning also teaches that, regardless of your personal lifestyle, both your body and spirit require a consistent sense of routine to achieve a state of well-being. The increased pressure placed on us to do well, provide better results and earn greater financial incentives often leads to the disruption of our routine, as longer working hours tend to eclipse the time we’d normally reserve for ourselves and loved ones. Increased overtime also makes it harder to leave our work dilemmas in the office, preventing us from properly switching off and engaging with other pursuits. Disruptions to our sleep cycle - getting up earlier, arriving home and eating later - also lead to us feeling increasingly tired and counterproductive throughout the working day.

Improving your life through Ayurveda requires an enthusiastic approach and a pro-active mindset, but there are a wide range of effective supplements on the market to help you on your journey. Browse through our range of popular 21st Century lifestyle products online now.