Ayurveda & Exercise

Get Active About Exercise

It’s not just Ayurvedic tradition which teaches us that exercise is a vital part of our daily routine; world leading research shows that regular exercise releases endorphins, making us happier and more productive, stabilises our metabolism and reduces signs of aging such as loss of muscle mass and joint inflammation. Explore the following blog for tips on how to introduce exercise into your daily routine and start to liver a happier, more balanced lifestyle.

Take Little Steps

Starting to implement a new exercise regime or trying to get back into an old one is always a little intimidating, which is why it’s important to start small and set manageable goals. These beginning steps needn’t involve rigorous work outs; they could be something as seemingly minute as taking a short walk every evening to start working on your respiratory system. Setting achievable goals, such as running for predetermined distances or developing your resistance training over time, helps to achieve a sense of accomplishment, increasing self-esteem and inspiring you to progress further.

Make Tailored Plans

Ayurveda teaches us that everyone is different, and as such we should tailor our dietary plans and exercise regimes to suit our individual make-ups. Individuals of different doshas will respond differently to various types of exercise; kapha types, for example, are naturally predisposed to endurance sport and thus respond well to activities like running, swimming and cycling. The in-built competitive streak of pitta types, however, means team-based games like cricket, football and tennis are the most engaging way to exercise. Finally, the natural enthusiasm demonstrated by the majority of vata types means that they respond best to structured exercise regimes that reward steady progression with a feeling of achievement.

Love What You Do

Ultimately, Ayurveda teaches us that exercise shouldn’t be thought of as hard work, but rather a recreational activity that we can enjoy. Whether it gives us a chance to let off stress, or just allows us to meet and socialise with friends and acquaintances, we’re much more likely to incorporate regular exercise into our busy schedule if it’s something we actively look forward to.

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