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The Life Science

In so many ways, Ayurveda is a precursor to modern beliefs about mental health and physical wellbeing: it accepts the power of the mind over the body, and seeks to treat both, helping you to achieve a healthy balance in your life. Stemming from the Sanskrit terms Ayur (meaning life) and Veda (meaning knowledge or science) Ayurveda is quite literally seen by many to be the science of life – it’s a traditional Hindu form of medicine that combines powerful natural ingredients with healthy-living practices to help you make the most of your inner energy on a daily basis.

What Does Ayurveda Mean To You?

By its very principles, Ayurveda suggests that the mind and the body should exist in a constant state of balance, with any imbalances leading to conditions such as irregular digestion patterns and chronic fatigue. Ayurvedic medicine is best thought of as a tool by which you can unlock your true potential, providing relief from a number of minor ailments, or giving you a boost when the stresses of modern life prove too much, these are products that help you to maintain a more productive balance. Ayurvedic remedies reject normal chemical manufacturing and treatments: our herbal remedies are picked fresh from the earth, and then cold ground, so they retain all their natural goodness. In this way you can be sure of their efficacy and goodness.

At SmartBird®, we’ll always strive to tell you, our consumer, everything about the roots and herbs we’re using, as well as the manufacturing processes that take them from the fields they’re harvested from and right to your door. We aim to inspire a new generation of customers who use Ayurvedic medicine as part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle that also includes regular exercise and a varied diet.

Ayurvedic Products You Can Trust

At SmartBird® we aim to deliver a new range of Ayurvedic remedies, the result of years of cultural learning, supported by stringent 21st Century scientific research and testing, to create products with proven benefits for you, the consumer. You can find our whole range of products online today, and can follow us on social media for more advice on Ayurvedic practices, and how best to lead a balanced lifestyle.