Created By Nature, Proven By Science - Part 1 | SmartBird

Ecological By Nature

As a growing organisation, SmartBird® is dedicated not only to investing in progress and development, but also to ensuring that this innovation never comes at too high a cost to the environment. “Created by Nature. Proven by Science™” is more than just a trademark – it’s a symbol of our commitment to responsible, sustainable progress. In fact, it’s so important that we’re going to be dedicating two short articles to it, starting – of course – where it all began: with Mother Nature herself.

Striking A Balance

Much like the Ayurvedic principals on which we’ve built our outstanding products, our company strives to maintain a delicate balance at all times – the balance between Man and Nature. A deep-rooted respect for Nature underlies everything we do, and as such we take all measures possible not just to protect our environment, but also help preserve the wider global ecology.

This involves ensuring that all our practices and processes are designed to respect Nature, conserve energy, minimise wastage, and help create and maintain a healthy and safe environment for everyone. We also continue to work with our customers and vendors to achieve a better balance with Nature.

That respect for Mother Nature has its origins in the powerful ingredients she has provided us with. Which is why we aim to preserve the original natural goodness of every plant and herb we use in our products. The leading scientific minds that develop our products work to combine powerful Ayurvedic ingredients for their precise effect, free of toxins or chemicals, preserving their natural purity and giving you, the consumer, faith in their efficacy.

Discover More

If you’re interested in utilising Ayurvedic treatments to help achieve a more rounded sense of wellbeing, browse through our full range of products online today. Keep following our blog for Created by Science. Proven by Nature™: Part 2 in which we’ll explore the scientific tenets that set our brand aside.