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As we’ve explained before, Ayurvedic principals suggest that, in order to maintain a good standard of health, one must achieve a sense of balance between the mind and the body. At SmartBird® we produce a range of thoroughly-tested, 100% natural products to help you achieve this balance and realise your full potential on a day-to-day basis. We thought we’d take this opportunity to invite you to learn more about some of our products, explore their ingredients further, and discover the benefits they hold for a healthier, happier you.

SmartBird® Intenso: Energy

Day-to-day stresses in the workplace, at home, or even on the commute, mean it’s more than likely we could do with a boost. More often than not, this means we’ll turn to products like coffee or sugary snacks to help get us through the day, even though these substances might well have negative side-effects in the long run. Combining powerful Indian ginseng and Salabmisri (referred to as ‘the early purple orchid’ in Ayurvedic tradition) SmartBird® Intenso™ provides the same alkaloids present in other stimulants to deliver a natural, balanced boost to energy levels.

SmartBird® Aura: Cognitive Power

Mental fogginess, poor judgement and reduced memory function are all common symptoms of a particularly stressed or overworked brain, ones that can usually be avoided with some thorough relaxation and lifestyle changes. SmartBird® Aura™ is the perfect way to once again achieve a sense of mental clarity, as is delivers key nutrients that work to revitalise brain and nerve cells to help make you sharper, improve memory function and generally be your best, most productive self.

SmartBird® Amogh: Digestion

Your digestive system should function as part of a healthy rhythm: you consume nutrients, transform them into energy and expel waste. However, any number of minor imbalances or ailments can upset this pattern, quickly throwing you off track and preventing you from being your normal, productive self. Bringing together helpful enzymes and gentle laxatives, SmartBird® Amogh™ soothingly cleanses the system, helping to restore your natural rhythm in the process.

SmartBird®: Improving Lifestyles

Unlock the best version of yourself by browsing our full range of Ayurvedic medicines online today, and remember to keep checking back to our blog for further information on the SmartBird® brand, as well as free advice on healthy living and more. Remember to consult with an accredited healthcare professional if symptoms persist.