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  • Created By Nature, Proven By Science™ - Part 2 | SmartBird

    Results Driven

    We understand that consumers may, quite possibly, be somewhat sceptical of new treatments on the market, which is why we aim to educate and inspire newcomers about the benefits of the SmartBird® range of Ayurvedic medicines. How are we going to do this? With science, of course! We’ve been promoting our corporate motto: “Created by Nature. Proven by Science™”, using our blog, and have already looked at our dedication to Nature. This week, we’ll be exploring how SmartBird® is changing the face of modern Ayurvedic medicine through scientific research and development.

    A Meeting Of Minds

    A unique concept that lies at the core of our brand, “21st Century Ayurveda®” is the practice of merging respected cultural knowledge with advanced western R&D techniques. It’s a commitment not only to our products, but also to our consumers, as it ensures we’re only producing proven, effective Ayurvedic remedies. To ensure the power and efficacy of our products, we’ve worked with leading scientific minds from Western Europe and India to help refine and develop our products. Taking the conventional ingredients at the heart of Ayurvedic tradition, our technical specialists work to draft powerful combinations and remedies, providing fast and effective relief.

    Changing Perceptions

    By doing so, we don’t just want to inspire consumer confidence in our brand, but also seek to educate users about the benefits of a wholesome lifestyle and a balanced sense of wellbeing – one that can be achieved through our SmartBird® Ayurvedic range.

    Whether your need effective relief for an immediate issue, or are just looking for a boost in your daily life, we’re sure you’ll find a product to suit your lifestyle at our online store today.


  • Created By Nature, Proven By Science - Part 1 | SmartBird

    Ecological By Nature

    As a growing organisation, SmartBird® is dedicated not only to investing in progress and development, but also to ensuring that this innovation never comes at too high a cost to the environment. “Created by Nature. Proven by Science™” is more than just a trademark – it’s a symbol of our commitment to responsible, sustainable progress. In fact, it’s so important that we’re going to be dedicating two short articles to it, starting – of course – where it all began: with Mother Nature herself.

    Striking A Balance

    Much like the Ayurvedic principals on which we’ve built our outstanding products, our company strives to maintain a delicate balance at all times – the balance between Man and Nature. A deep-rooted respect for Nature underlies everything we do, and as such we take all measures possible not just to protect our environment, but also help preserve the wider global ecology.

    This involves ensuring that all our practices and processes are designed to respect Nature, conserve energy, minimise wastage, and help create and maintain a healthy and safe environment for everyone. We also continue to work with our customers and vendors to achieve a better balance with Nature.

    That respect for Mother Nature has its origins in the powerful ingredients she has provided us with. Which is why we aim to preserve the original natural goodness of every plant and herb we use in our products. The leading scientific minds that develop our products work to combine powerful Ayurvedic ingredients for their precise effect, free of toxins or chemicals, preserving their natural purity and giving you, the consumer, faith in their efficacy.

    Discover More

    If you’re interested in utilising Ayurvedic treatments to help achieve a more rounded sense of wellbeing, browse through our full range of products online today. Keep following our blog for Created by Science. Proven by Nature™: Part 2 in which we’ll explore the scientific tenets that set our brand aside.


  • A Helping Hand for Modern Health | Ayurveda | SmartBird

    Products for Your Lifestyle

    As we’ve explained before, Ayurvedic principals suggest that, in order to maintain a good standard of health, one must achieve a sense of balance between the mind and the body. At SmartBird® we produce a range of thoroughly-tested, 100% natural products to help you achieve this balance and realise your full potential on a day-to-day basis. We thought we’d take this opportunity to invite you to learn more about some of our products, explore their ingredients further, and discover the benefits they hold for a healthier, happier you.

    SmartBird® Intenso: Energy

    Day-to-day stresses in the workplace, at home, or even on the commute, mean it’s more than likely we could do with a boost. More often than not, this means we’ll turn to products like coffee or sugary snacks to help get us through the day, even though these substances might well have negative side-effects in the long run. Combining powerful Indian ginseng and Salabmisri (referred to as ‘the early purple orchid’ in Ayurvedic tradition) SmartBird® Intenso™ provides the same alkaloids present in other stimulants to deliver a natural, balanced boost to energy levels.

    SmartBird® Aura: Cognitive Power

    Mental fogginess, poor judgement and reduced memory function are all common symptoms of a particularly stressed or overworked brain, ones that can usually be avoided with some thorough relaxation and lifestyle changes. SmartBird® Aura™ is the perfect way to once again achieve a sense of mental clarity, as is delivers key nutrients that work to revitalise brain and nerve cells to help make you sharper, improve memory function and generally be your best, most productive self.

    SmartBird® Amogh: Digestion

    Your digestive system should function as part of a healthy rhythm: you consume nutrients, transform them into energy and expel waste. However, any number of minor imbalances or ailments can upset this pattern, quickly throwing you off track and preventing you from being your normal, productive self. Bringing together helpful enzymes and gentle laxatives, SmartBird® Amogh™ soothingly cleanses the system, helping to restore your natural rhythm in the process.

    SmartBird®: Improving Lifestyles

    Unlock the best version of yourself by browsing our full range of Ayurvedic medicines online today, and remember to keep checking back to our blog for further information on the SmartBird® brand, as well as free advice on healthy living and more. Remember to consult with an accredited healthcare professional if symptoms persist.

  • Discover SmartBird | Ayurvedics Blog | SmartBird

    A Fresh Approach To Ayurvedic Treatment

    Based in New Delhi, SmartBird is the new name in Ayurvedic treatments, bringing together science and tradition in what we’re calling “21st Century Ayurveda®” – but what exactly does this term mean? At the heart of everything we do, from the ingredients we use, to the way we treat and package them, is a profound appreciation for Nature and the environment. We utilise the raw tools provided by Mother Nature for a rounded, balanced sense of wellbeing, combining millennia of cultural learning with the latest in Western research and development methods, delivering a product that will suit and improve your modern lifestyle.

    Products for a Better Lifestyle

    At SmartBird®, we advocate a holistic approach to wellbeing, one that unites mind, body and spirit. Our products are all 100% Ayurvedic and chemical free to help you regain your bodily balance, and be the best of yourself. Whether you need relief from common ailments, like irregular bowel movements, or joint inflammation, or just need an effective boost to help fight the stresses of everyday life, SmartBird® products combine ancient, powerful Ayurvedic ingredients to provide just what you and your hectic day-to-day lifestyle require. Through careful scientific development, we’re committed to changing how people view Ayurvedic medicine, creating effective, 21st Century remedies.

    Be Your Best Self With SmartBird®

    From SmartBird® Amey™, to SmartBird® Teevram™, every one of our Ayurvedic treatments is designed with you and your way of life in mind, to help achieve a balanced lifestyle, allowing you to focus on the things that matter: work, family and friends. Browse through our popular range of products today, and keep following our blog for more helpful advice.

  • What is Ayurveda? | Ayurvedic Medicine Blog | SmartBird

    The Life Science

    In so many ways, Ayurveda is a precursor to modern beliefs about mental health and physical wellbeing: it accepts the power of the mind over the body, and seeks to treat both, helping you to achieve a healthy balance in your life. Stemming from the Sanskrit terms Ayur (meaning life) and Veda (meaning knowledge or science) Ayurveda is quite literally seen by many to be the science of life – it’s a traditional Hindu form of medicine that combines powerful natural ingredients with healthy-living practices to help you make the most of your inner energy on a daily basis.

    What Does Ayurveda Mean To You?

    By its very principles, Ayurveda suggests that the mind and the body should exist in a constant state of balance, with any imbalances leading to conditions such as irregular digestion patterns and chronic fatigue. Ayurvedic medicine is best thought of as a tool by which you can unlock your true potential, providing relief from a number of minor ailments, or giving you a boost when the stresses of modern life prove too much, these are products that help you to maintain a more productive balance. Ayurvedic remedies reject normal chemical manufacturing and treatments: our herbal remedies are picked fresh from the earth, and then cold ground, so they retain all their natural goodness. In this way you can be sure of their efficacy and goodness.

    At SmartBird®, we’ll always strive to tell you, our consumer, everything about the roots and herbs we’re using, as well as the manufacturing processes that take them from the fields they’re harvested from and right to your door. We aim to inspire a new generation of customers who use Ayurvedic medicine as part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle that also includes regular exercise and a varied diet.

    Ayurvedic Products You Can Trust

    At SmartBird® we aim to deliver a new range of Ayurvedic remedies, the result of years of cultural learning, supported by stringent 21st Century scientific research and testing, to create products with proven benefits for you, the consumer. You can find our whole range of products online today, and can follow us on social media for more advice on Ayurvedic practices, and how best to lead a balanced lifestyle.

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